How to download PUBG mobile lite after ban in India?


The number of people playing Pubg Mobile Lite in India is very high and more than 10 lakh people search about Pubg Mobile Lite on Google in one month. But the sad thing is that Pubj Mobile Lite is banned in India and along with it the Government of India has banned many other applications. This includes many big names like Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, Tiktok, and many other applications whose link was from China.

Now it comes to the point that if Pubg Mobile Lite is banned in India then how can it be played? In this article, I am going to tell you the complete method, so read it carefully so that you do not have to face any problems while playing Pubj Mobile Lite.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

Pubg Mobile Lite is a multiplayer battle royale game. In which you get a platform where you can virtually fight. This game has been created by South Korean video game holding companies Krafton and Lightspeed, the company making Pubg Mobile.

In this game, 60 people are dropped on an island with the help of an airplane and they are given medicines, guns, helmets, jackets, etc. to survive. Now you have to kill your enemies and save yourself from others. For this, you have to use the given material. If you survive till the last, then you will be declared the winner.

How to download and play PUBG mobile Lite after Ban?

As you know that Pubg Mobile Lite is banned in India, but still many people download and play it on their phones. So how do you do all this? It is very important to know this. So if you also want to download and play Pubg Mobile Lite then do not worry. We are going to tell you step by step how you can easily download and play this game on your phone even after being banned.

  1. First of all, you come to our website whose name is
  2. Now from you have to download the game?
  3. This game is a global version that will run smoothly in any country.
  4. After downloading you have to install it on your phone.
  5. Now you do not have to open the game because this game will not run on your phone now.
  6. You have to download any good-rated VPN from Google Play Store.
  7. But you have to note that the Singapore server runs in that VPN.
  8. Now you have to open VPN on your phone and connect to the Singapore server.
  9. Now you have to open the Pubg Mobile Lite game on your phone.
  10. You have to download the given files which you will get to see inside the game.
  11. After all the files and maps are downloaded, you can easily play Pubg Mobile Lite on your phone.

Note: Due to not taking a good VPN, the ping of your game will be high. That’s why you connect with a good VPN only so that you get a good game experience.


Many players are upset that they are not able to play after the ban of Pubg Mobile Lite. And no one has any idea when pubg mobile lite will be unbanned. But you can easily play Pubg Mobile Lite in India by using the given method. If you like this article then do not forget to give us a rating. And if you still face any problems in playing Pubj Mobile Lite, then you can comment on us, and we will definitely help you. Share this information with your friends so that your friends can also play pubg mobile lite.

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