Horizon Chase 2 Review (PS5)


Horizon Chase 2 is another rock-solid arcade racer from Brazilian dev Aquiris, and honestly that’s all you really need to know. We’re professionals, however, so we’ll elaborate: much like the well-loved Horizon Chase Turbo, this title takes you on a 200kmph tour of the globe, from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town. You’ll effectively find yourself working you way up from the back of the pack to podium position across four breakneck laps, weaving in and out of opponents as you go.

The graphics have been upgraded from the original, with greater detail lending itself to a deeper feeling of digital tourism, although the simplistic flat shading of the original remains. Gameplay is more akin to retro 90s racers like Yu Suzuki’s iconic OutRun, with very little emphasis on “drifting” and more just anticipating corners so you can keep your car on the road. Collectible pick-ups and nitro add a little depth, while an upgrade system for all of the vehicles adds longevity.

Outside of the core campaign, there’s online multiplayer with full crossplay, which should help to ensure matchmaking remains snappy across a prospectively small install base. Rotating challenges also offer new gameplay wrinkles and modifiers to keep things fresh in a very basic live service fashion, with cosmetic unlocks like paint and leaderboards available to keep you engaged. Ultimately, the game won’t hold your attention for too long, but you’ll be smiling plenty while it lasts.

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