Hi-Fi Rush Dev Closure Results in Positive Review Bombing


Hi-Fi Rush dev Tango Gameworks’ closure isn’t going down too well with fans, who are now positively review bombing the game on Steam to make a statement. There has been an influx of reviews on the platform that have boosted Hi-Fi Rush to an “overwhelmingly positive” rating.

Hi-Fi Rush dev planned a sequel before it was shut down

First spotted by Circana’s Mat Piscatella (via ResetEra), Steam users aren’t letting up and are continuing to review bomb Hi-Fi Rush in reverse. It is now one of Bethesda’s as well as Xbox Game Studios’ highest-rated games ever. While this won’t change the fate of Tango Gameworks, players have often used review bombing campaigns to make a statement, and they are certainly noticed.

Yesterday, reports emerged that Tango Gameworks was planning a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush when it was unceremoniously shut down by Microsoft. Its founder — Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami — expressed his disappointment over the news. Acclaimed video game artist and former Tango Gameworks employee Ikumi Nakamura also shared some thoughts on X.

Earlier today, we reported that former Microsoft employees have blamed Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and Game Pass for its recent woes. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has also been under fire as reports have emerged that more layoffs are on the way.

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