Helldivers 2 Players Can Choose the Next Stratagem by Picking What Planet To Save


Part of what makes Helldivers 2 unique is how players can shape its ongoing story through their in-game actions. Usually, this is just a case of how good players are at things like completing the game’s Major Orders. However, the latest Major Order gives players a much more direct choice, letting them pick the game’s next Stratagem.

Helldivers 2’s next Stratagem depends on which planet players save first

As revealed in a recent Tweet, the Lacaille Sector has come under Automaton assault. Worse, the Bots are moving quickly to secure weapons on the planets Choohe and Penta. There isn’t time to save them both, so Helldivers 2 will let players choose.

“Only the Stratagem on the first liberated planet can be saved,” a new video says. “And the citizens, too,” it adds. “The citizens are the most important part.”

Liberating Choohe first will give Helldivers 2 players access to the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines. Meanwhile, saving Penta first instead adds the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher to the game. Presumably, Arrowhead plans to implement both Stratagems eventually. However, players have a rare opportunity to decide which they want next.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Choohe, Helldivers 2 players don’t seem as enthusiastic about mine as they are about rockets. “I’ve got family on Choohe,” one Reddit user joked, but daddy wants a shiny new rocket launcher. Sorry kids.”

“As much as I would like to see the mines,” said another, “it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting them anytime soon. I seem to be in the minority here as most divers want a 6th launcher.”

Helldivers 2 players are also wondering if choosing Penta means the Automatons will start deploying the mines against them. Arrowhead hasn’t said anything to that effect, but it might be an interesting direction for the game to take.

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