Helldivers 2 May Update Adds Polar Patriots, Premium Warbond Detailed


Sony and Arrowhead just revealed the next Premium Warbond coming to Helldivers 2 this month. Available starting May 9, the Polar Patriots Warbond adds new capes, weapons, arctic-themed armor, and more.

Helldivers 2 Polar Patriots Premium Warbond adds new Arctic-themed gear

Polar Patriots contains three new armors, capes, primary weapons, secondary weapons/utilities, capes, banners, and victory poses. Developers showcased the new Warbond with a trailer and detailed breakdown on the PlayStation Blog. Players can watch a squad of Helldivers assaulting a snow-covered Automaton outpost in the latest gear.

The Polar Patriots Warbond includes:


  • The white CW-36 Winter Warrior grants the Servo-assisted passive buff, increasing limb health and throwing range.
  • The grey and CW-22 Kodiak grants the Fortified passive buff, which boosts explosive resistance by 50%.
  • The dark blue and brown CW-4 Arctic Ranger grants the Scout passive buff, which lets the player ping enemies by placing a marker on the map.

Primary Weapons

  • AR-61 Tenderizer: an assault rifle with high damage but limited magazine
  • SMG-72 Pummeler: this submachine gun fires concussive rounds that stun enemies but fires slower than other SMGs
  • PLAS-101 Purifier: this plasma rifle builds up a more powerful blast the longer Helldivers hold the trigger

Secondary Weapons and Utilities

  • P-113 Verdict: a new high-caliber semi-automatic pistol
  • G-13 Incendiary Impact: explodes on contact, releasing a cloud of burning white phosphorus.
  • Motivational Shocks: an electric shock that cures Helldivers of slowing effects like bug acid vomit. However, it does not work on area effects like EMS strikes.

Capes and Player Banners

  • Dissident’s Nightmare: a white, yellow, and black pattern “Scientifically proven to be ‘terrifying’ to dissent-afflicted citizens during extensive testing in Patriotic Rehabilitation Centres.”
  • Pinions of Everlasting Glory: the white gold and black cape/banner “All but ensures ascension to the immortal ranks of those enshrined in the Super Earth Digital Archive of Valorous Acts.”
  • Order of the Venerated Ballot: a blue cape with the orange insignia of “a Ministry-sanctioned Patriot’s Club for citizens pledging to preserve the sanctity of voting.”


  • Call the Helldivers
  • Distribute Ballots
  • Mime Instrumentation

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