Helldivers 2 just got new ship module upgrades and one will, er, let you pay a lot to teach your crew how to pack boxes


Hola Helldivers 2 people. Arrowhead’s just dropped some nice new ship module upgrades for you to contemplate purchasing and ultimately chicken out because you’re too stingy. Seriously, these are aimed at hardened vets looking to take their craft to the next level, so you’ll have to fork over a lot in order to…erm…make your crew expert box packers.

If you’re out of the loop, today’s the day that the Democratic Detonation Warbond actually arrives in-game to help you continue to battle the automaton invasion force, provided you can avoid accidentally blowing yourself up with the new crossbow. Alongside that, these ship upgrades have arrived, and they’re just like taking a trip to space IKEA (other furniture shops are available).

As announced by community manager Baskinator on game’s official Discord server, these modules are a part of the Super Destroyer Fleet Upgrade that’s just been deployed, which lets you grab some level four revamps for the different sections of your ship. As you might expect given they’re level four, they do slightly more than just add some of those throws and blankets that your mum likes to the sofas and cost a fair amount.

Personally, my favourite is the “Superior Packing Methodology” upgrade for the Patriotic Administration Center, which, to put it basically, lets you pay 20,000 requisitions and a boatload of samples to send your crew on a course that’ll teach them to pack supply boxes more efficiently. Hey, it’s an intense eight weeks, by the sounds of it, and it’ll also help them even if you let them go on holiday.

If you want something that you can boast about to your mates without feeling quite so sheepish, you can also grab the likes of an “XXL Weapons Bay” for your hangar, atmospheric monitoring capabilities for your orbital cannons, and some circuitry expansion for your Engineering Bay. The first two of those will set you back slightly more than the box training and wiring.

Oh, and there’s also an enhanced blast absorption upgrade for your Robotics Workshop, which says it uses polystyrene packing peanuts, which is pretty fun.

If you’ve been having trouble not getting some of the kinds of stuff you might need to afford upgrades like these, you’ll be glad to hear Arrowhead’s planning on revamping the game’s reward system at some point.

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