GTA 6 Release Date Delay Report Was ‘Overblown’


A recent report by Kotaku claimed that GTA 6‘s release date was originally set for sometime in Q1 2025, but the game is potentially facing a delay into 2026. The news resulted in publisher Take-Two Interactive‘s stock plummeting by 5.2%, but Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier claims that the report was overblown, while other known insiders have pointed out GTA 6 was never confirmed for Q1 2025 to begin with.

There’s still a possibility of GTA 6 release date slipping out of 2025

Following the publication of Kotaku’s article, a number of known insiders including Tom Henderson questioned the report, with some criticizing it for being purely conjecture. In his article on Bloomberg, Schreier refrained from criticizing his former employer, but did say that the report was “soft and full of caveats.”

Schreier pointed out that games often go through internal delays during the course of development, and that Rockstar Games only promised a generic release window of 2025 in GTA 6’s trailer. And while it’s still possible that the game will slip into 2026, there’s currently no indication that this is certainly the case.

When contacted for comment on the latest rumor, Schrier said he was “mostly met with shrugs” from Rockstar Games employees.

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