Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut On PC Has Been Delisted On Steam From 180 Countries


Sony has delisted the incoming Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut port on PC in 180 countries on Steam.

Notably, it’s the same 180 countries that can no longer access Helldivers 2, following the fiasco around Sony trying to force PC players to make a PSN account.

While Sucker Punch has already clarified that players won’t need to link a PlayStation Network account to be able to play the main campaign in Ghost Of Tsushima, they will be required to link their accounts if they want to play the online multiplayer Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends mode.

Ghost Of Tsushima isn’t out yet on PC, so players can’t exactly be review-bombing the game as they did with Helldivers 2, and it also means that processing a refund for anyone who might’ve pre-ordered Ghost Of Tsushima won’t be an issue.

It’s clear that Sony is trying to avoid being in the situation it was in with Helldivers 2, where it had been selling the game in regions that by Sony’s own rules around account linking, it shouldn’t have been sold in the first place.

Still, delisting their games from nearly 200 countries isn’t exactly a complete solution. Helldivers 2 is still delisted from these same 180 countries, even with the account linking remaining optional.

What’s most mind-boggling about this is the silence from Sony. If account linking can be made an option, and the ire shown from Helldivers 2 players was enough to get Sony to reverse its initial decision, why not keep it optional for all PlayStation PC published games?

It’s unclear how Sony will go about rectifying this, since they don’t seem to be making decisions that are logical to any casual onlooker. At least this really does show that when Sony said it was “still learning” about what it is to publish and sell games on PC marketplaces to PC players, it was telling the truth.

Source – [Steamdb via PirateSoftware]

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