Fortnite Leak May Point to Pirates of The Caribbean Crossover


Rumors have been circulating for some time that Fortnite will soon cross over with Pirates of the Caribbean. However, a recent leak has given some additional credibility to those reports, indicating that new pirate-themed maps are on their way to Fortnite Rocket Racing.

Fortnite leaked Rocket Racing maps point to a Pirates of the Caribbean Crossover

Fortnite Leaker iFireMonkey recently shared the names of three new maps coming to Rocket Racing. They are called Coral Cove, Gold Rush, and Pirate Adventure. As noted by Video Gamer, the obvious pirate theming led some fans to speculate about a possible One Piece Crossover. However, when combined with past leaks, Fortnite will likely cross over with Pirates of the Caribbean very soon.

In April, a leaked Fortnite roadmap indicated that Season 3 would feature Pirates of the Caribbean content. Around the same time, leaker Hypex said the crossover would happen in July. None of this is official, but the recent leak lends additional credibility to those earlier reports.  

Fortnite has already had multiple crossovers with Disney properties, with Star Wars being the most recent. Meanwhile, Marvel crossovers are the most common by a significant margin. However, Pirates of the Caribbean has yet to debut in Epic Games’s massively popular battle royale.

Besides the new Rocket Racing maps, it’s hard to say what the new crossover will look like. However, a Jack Sparrow battle royale skin seems like an obvious choice. Antagonist Davey Jones also seems like a likely contender. Beyond that, the recent Star Wars crossover also featured content for Lego Fortnite and Festival. It seems reasonable that those modes will get something, even if it’s less substantial than a new map.

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