Fallout 4’s PS5 Update – What The Heck Is Going On?


Fallout 4 got a native PS5 update just last week, which was perfect timing to capitalize on the success of the Fallout tv show adaptation.

Long-time PlayStation players might remember that once upon a time, the game was made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers (pre-the current tiered structure), but when the update was released, it seemed like anyone who had Fallout 4 in their library through PS Plus, would not be getting the update for free.

Thankfully though Bethesda cleared things up, saying that it’ll be available for free to all PS Plus Extra-tier and higher subscribers. There was even some evidence from official PlayStation Support suggesting that the issue blocking the update for PS Plus Extra players was a bug they were sorting out.

Since then however there are now multiple reports of players who don’t subscribe to PS Plus Extra that are able to download the update without issue.

So the question is, what the heck is going on with this update? Do PS Plus Essential players still get the update? Will those who’ve downloaded it have it removed from their accounts if they weren’t supposed to get free access?

And why has this been so difficult to sort out? Plenty of unanswered questions linger around this update, though hopefully the answer Bethesda and Sony produce isn’t the one that gets the PS5 version of the game removed from players libraries.

The confusion and overall fumble of this whole situation is fitting with the rest of the update however, as the update also released with a myriad of technical issues, in what’s become downright unfortunate, and classic, Bethesda fashion.

Hopefully players downloading the PS5 version now don’t wake up with it removed, and we get the best solution, which is that actually it’s available to anyone who already owns the game, whether that’s through a subscription service or not.

Source – [Reddit, Wario64 on Twitter]

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