Factorium Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.2) – Automatic Machines


Factorium Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.2) introduces several different useful blocks into the game. This includes machines that will heavily simplify your tasks by automating them, to a variety of different decoration blocks. The mod also adds various new minerals like Tin, Zinc, Nickel, Lead, Silver and Platinum. They can be found in their ore form in the overworld. And alloys like Bronze, Brass, Invar, Electrum and Constantan can be made using the metals.



  • Smelter: Functions as a furnace, powered by FE (or other compatible energy systems).
  • Crusher: Initial step in ore processing, crushes raw ores into chunks for smelting or further processing.
  • Grinder and Pulverizer: Processes chunks into powders and dusts, maximizing ore yield.
  • Alloy Smelter: Combines metals into alloys and produces intermediate materials.
  • Extruder: Extrudes metals through a die, creating various materials such as plates, gears, wires, etc.
  • Mixer: Mixes solid and liquid materials, facilitating concrete block creation without placing powder in the world.
  • Pump: Extracts liquids from the world into an internal tank.


  • Wrench: Rotates blocks and dismantles machines with ease.
  • Various Metal Items (Gears, Plates, Rods, Wires): Crafted from different metals and used in various recipes.

Decorative Blocks

  • Crystal Glass: Transparent glass for aesthetic building purposes
  • Glowing Glass: Glass emitting light, adding ambience to structures
  • Dark Glass: Light-blocking glass for controlled lighting environments
  • Reinforced Glass and Concrete: Explosion, wither, and dragon-resistant building materials
  • Glowcrete: Illuminating concrete, providing both structure and light



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Factorium Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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