Exploring Free vs $200 Dead Games


Check out War Thunder and use my link for a free large bonus back with boosters, vehicles, and more: War Thunder is a highly detailed vehicle combat game containing over 2,000 playable tanks, aircraft, and ships spanning over 100 years of development. Immerse yourself completely in dynamic battles with an unparalleled combination of realism and approachability.

Today Rye Games explores 7 dead games at 7 different price points, to see what kind of different a price tag makes & what people we can find along the way. Turns out, dead games harbour a bunch of legends and we bumped into a lot in this video. These games are largely different from the usual survival games and realistic sims, apart from one of course. If you have any survival games, open world games, or any dead games you want to see in these videos, send them to @ryegamess on twitter.

Altitude –
Murder Miners –
Beyond The Wire –
Tower Unite –
Battlefield Hardline –
Combat Mission Shock Force 2 –
Spooky Men –
Next Station Zombies –

Watch TheLargestDog’s Tribute Video:
The Altitude Discord:

Content & Extras:
Combat Mission Basics: Firefight 1

Altitude Trailer
Altitude Game : Team Sammich vs Bongs Bitches

This Game is $1,000,000 on Steam

Battlefield Hardline: Official Launch Gameplay Trailer

Murder Miners – 10 Year Anniversary

tremors – murder miners map by the largest dog

xQc Plays TOWER UNITE with Jesse, Poke & Dizzy

Condo Surfing: Smooth Dirt by R41N

Why Did Beyond The Wire Die?

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Production music contributed by Epidemic Sounds, C418 & various game OST’s.

If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂

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