EA Sports College Football 25 Release Set For July 19, Includes CampusIQ Gameplay For Player Wear & Tear, Diverse Playstyles & More


Electronic Arts has announced that EA Sports College Football 25 will launch on July 19, 2024 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, bringing a wealth of gameplay features including the new CampusIQ system

CampusIQ brings fast-paced gameplay that aims to match the ‘explosiveness of college football games with fluctuating player ratings per game, team tiers and more. Chief among the key features are a wear & tear system, which sees players were down as the hits add up, thus giving you the chance to monitor their health, limit fatigue and access injury risk.

Meanwhile, Pre-Snap Recognition emphasises the decision behind every snap so that it matters more than ever. Whether you trust your high-skill sensors or risking a freshman on the field, you’ll have to read the game and your players to make the right decision.

Daryl Holt, SVP and Group GM, EA SPORTS, commented:

EA SPORTS College Football is BACK! We’ve felt the passion and anticipation of college football fans every step of the way since we first announced this game, and we’re ecstatic to finally be able to show everyone what we’ve been building. College Football 25 is built with authenticity at its core, inspired by experiences our fans have loved from our games, and fully evolved to reflect modern college football – all of which will immerse them in the sights, sounds, and true-to-life gameplay of the sport they love.

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EA Sports College Football 25 looks to immerse players in a number of iconic settings and stadiums that fans of the sport will lap up, including The Big House, The Swamp, Tuscaloosa, and College Station. There’s 134 FBS universities in total, each with unique touches including sights, fight songs, mascot and more.

Dive into the full blurb on the various game modes below:

  • Dynasty: Create a coach and take control of your own college football program. Establish your coaching staff, then work to recruit the best talent either straight from high school or direct from the transfer portal. Coaching archetypes and skill trees empower you to run your program your own way as you vie for a spot in the new 12-team College Football Playoff, or create your own college football program with customization tools on the Team Builder website.
  • Road To Glory: Live the life of a student-athlete with your created player and take home the Heisman as you build an unforgettable college football legacy. Manage your weekly schedule, GPA, and your image, earn Coach Trust to get more playing time, or use the transfer portal to get the time and the glory you deserve.
  • Road to the College Football Playoff: Experience a new way to play competitively across consoles in the Road to the College Football Playoff. Will you represent your university, or take a power school to climb the polls? Earn rank by upsetting the toughest opponents and securing the votes you need to progress and level up divisions. Play your way into the playoffs and battle for the National Championship.
  • College Football Ultimate Team: Build your dream team of college football stars and legends. Play Solo Challenges or H2H Seasons to upgrade your squad and take on the toughest contests. Test your skills across consoles in more competitive formats like College Football Ultimate Team™ Champs and Champs Gauntlet.

EA Sports College Football 25 is pencilled for release on July 19, 2024 for PS5 & Xbox Series X/S.

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