EA Denies Rumors of a Dead Space 2 Remake


Contrary to recent rumors, EA’s Motive Studio was never working on a remake of Dead Space 2. Supposedly canceled due to the first remake’s lackluster sales, EA claims it never existed in the first place.

There were never plans for a Dead Space 2 remake

According to Jeff Grubb in a recent Game Mess Mornings podcast episode, a Dead Space 2 Remake was canceled in the concept stage. “They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it because the first game had lackluster sales, is how it was phrased to me,” he said. However, it appears that Grubb’s source gave him inaccurate information.

“We don’t normally comment on rumors,” a spokesperson told IGN, “but there is no validity to this story.” While EA hasn’t revealed sales numbers, the first game’s remake reportedly sold well, and the publisher considers it a success. According to EA, Motive never planned to remake Dead Space 2.

The rumor emerged shortly after Motive announced it was forming a new team helmed by the Dead Space remake’s directors to work on EA’s Battlefield franchise. The studio is also working on a still-untitled Iron Man game, and neither project has a release window. However, Motive described the Iron Man game as a “priority” and said it recently hit a “major development milestone.”

Still, Dead Space fans will no doubt be disappointed at the well-received remake’s lack of a follow-up. Visceral Games released Dead Space 2 in 2011 to critical acclaim, and it’s backward compatible on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However, EA shut the multiplayer servers down last year. It might also be nice to see a version that can take advantage of modern gaming hardware.

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