Dream denies new grooming allegation, claims next video will ‘respond to everything’


Minecraft YouTuber and gaming personality Dream has issued a statement over fresh allegations of grooming and plans to publish a video responding to serious claims made by an anonymous whistleblower last week.

In 2022 Dream was accused of sexting multiple minors, and now he’s being accused of the same again. In response, he posted a statement on X (Twitter) today denying these allegations and claims to be working on a fresh video that will “address everything.”

Back in Oct. 2022, the “DreamIsAFreak” hashtag gained popularity when Dream was accused of acting inappropriately toward minors. At the time, Dream posted on his private account that he was “waking up to people making up disgusting false accusations for the millionth time.” He has also denied these new allegations, this time through a statement on X. In the written response, he stated, “I’m not a pedo, I didn’t groom anyone, and what’s being spread in this particular instance is black and white,” adding everything will be laid out in an upcoming video.

This new allegation was posted by Twitter account b88221141 on Nov. 18. It claims to be run by two people and the bio reads, “If Dream would like to attempt to sue me, I will personally give him all my information. As I know everything posted is factually accurate.” The account claims it has passed on evidence to the Orange County Police Department and called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It also posted videos that allegedly contain sexts and sexual moans from Dream which were sent to a minor when he was 20.

Dream is said to have also responded on his private account on Nov. 20, where he stated, “I’ve never sexted anyone underage.” He claims this new allegation is being made by someone who “hates [his] guts” and went on to suggest they are “not mentally stable.” Discrediting supposed victims in this way is a commonly used tactic by abusers, but at the moment, these are all still accusations Dot Esports cannot prove. Dot has reached out to Dream’s management for comment.

Recently, Dream-themed memes have been popping up on Twitter, where people say it’s their birthday and they’re turning an age below 18. They then quote tweet the message with a fake screenshot of Dream following them. People have also today been tweeting “DREAM DID WHAT,” something he references in his denial.

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