Dragon’s Dogma 2 Update 1.050 Is Live, Improves PS5 Graphics


As promised, Capcom has rolled out Dragon’s Dogma 2 update 1.050, which improves PS5 performance and fixes numerous bugs. The update is currently only available on the PS5 and PC, with Xbox Series X|S versions to follow in the next few days.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 update 1.050 patch notes for PS5 and PC

Complete patch notes are as follows:

[PlayStation 5 / Steam]

  • Adding the option to start a new game when save data already exists.
  • Changing the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” items available at Pawn Guilds in the game to 99.
  • Making the quest that allows players to acquire their own dwelling (where they can save and rest) available earlier in the game.
  • Miscellaneous text display issues.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

[PlayStation 5]

  • Adding the option* to switch Motion Blur on/off in Options.
  • Adding the option* to switch Ray Tracing on/off in Options.
  • Adding the option to set Frame Rate at Max 30fps in Options.


  • Improving quality when DLSS SUPER RESOLUTION is enabled.
  • Fixing an issue related to the display of models under some specific settings.

*Capcom has asked players not to expect significant frame rate improvements as those are planned for future updates. Details will be shared ahead of release.

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