DONTNOD Has 7 Total Games In The Works, 4 Of Which Are Currently Unannounced


DONTNOD, the team behind the first Life Is Strange game, Tell Me Why, Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden and more has 7 projects in the works, and 4 of them are currently unannounced.

This comes from DONTNOD’s latest business review, which looked back on its 2023 and forward to 2024 and beyond, highlighting its next coming project, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage.

Five of the seven projects are being developed in-house at DONTNOD, and the other two are being developed externally, by Tolima and Tiny Bull Studios.

Bloom & Rage was revealed at the 2023 Game Awards, and currently is set to arrive sometime later in 2024. It’ll also be the first title from DONTNOD’s Montreal branch, which also includes members of the team who worked on the original Life Is Strange.

Hopefully we’ll begin to see more on Bloom & Rage soon, and as we continue to creep closer to June and the onslaught of announcements that always fill the month, that’s the top contender as to when players should expect to hear something.

Source – [DONTNOD]

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