Don’t worry, story haters, Wuthering Waves will soon let you skip more of those pesky cutscenes


Wuthering Waves has had a slightly rough launch, but some changes are coming that should bring some quality of life improvements.

It’s only been a few days since Wuthering Waves launched, and it’s safe to say it hasn’t been perfect – all those kind of hilarious visual bugs are a testament to that. But the dev team has at least outlined the known issues in the game, so it’s not like fixes aren’t coming for these sometime soon. However, for some players the issues don’t just stop at the bugs. The official Wuthering Waves Twitter account has shared some other plans for updates that will be coming to the game based on feedback that players have offered for the game so far.

First up is the ability to skip more cutscenes. In a post covering gameplay issues and the plan for future improvements, “We have received your feedback regarding the Skip function including ‘not enough skippable scenes,’ ‘UI design of the Skip button not readable enough,’ and ‘the main quest storyline feeling lengthy,'” reads the post. “We plan to optimize your experience by introducing support for skipping all types of scenes in storylines and reviewing functions for storyline scripts and cutscenes.”

There are also plans to improve combat too, the post going on to explain “with regard to the issues that frequently come up in the feedback of all Rovers, including the lack of signification of combat actions, lack of visual feedback of action impacts, poor controller combat experience, and visual blockage during the combat by environmental objects. We have scheduled dedicated optimization of different combat scenes with the goal of improving the positive feedback for players in the combat experience. Additionally, we are also working on improving the functional support of controllers and expediting the support of customized buttons of controllers.”

Players also appeared to have been dissatisfied with the Beginner’s Choice Convene, and as apologies everyone will be getting a Voucher of Reciprocal Tides which “grants a free chance to obtain one 5-Star Standard Resonator of your choice.” That should be available to you in your in-game mailbox today.

Lastly, there are various further optimisations planned for things like “the art assets of certain NPCs, a new layered map display function, and more Echo transformations.” There was no word on when you can expect all of these updates, so you’ll have to stay patient for now.

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