Dave The Dive Godzilla DLC Launches Free For PS5, PS4 On May 23


Still playing Dave the Diver? Then you may want to keep an eye out for the new Godzilla DLC, which launches free for PS5 & PS4 owners on May 23, MINTROCKET has announced.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the towering Godzilla, the DLC will see the iconic King of the Monsters emerging form the depths of the Blue Hole in Dave the Diver. With Godzilla’s appearance however comes G-Force, an international joint military organisation formed by the United Nations and JSDF, which aims to safeguard humanity and uphold global peace.

Godzilla is infamous for his city-razing rampages, yet beneath his fearsome exterior lies its true nature, defending the planet against looming threats. When another malevolent Kaiju emerges Godzilla’s allegiance might unexpectedly align with yours.

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Players will take part in an adrenaline-pumping adventure that sees you engaging in a pursuit with deep-sea Kaiju Ebriah (from the 1966 live-action flick of the same name), plunging into the depths to evade the creature’s attacks as it tracks Dave and Miki in their submarine.

Dave the Diver is now available on PS5 & PS4, and the Godzilla DLC will remain free to download until November 23.

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