CoD: Modern Warfare 3 And Warzone Season 3 Release Date And Details


Call of Duty Season 2 is coming to an end, and a brand-new season of content is on its way. Here we highlight all the big announcements Season 3 for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, Zombies, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile, including a new battle pass, stoner content for 4/20, Advanced Warfare weapons, and the reintroduction of Rebirth Island to battle royale.

Call of Duty Season 3 start times

Activision has confirmed Season 3 is arriving on Wednesday, April 3. The big update will go live at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST across all platforms.

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What to expect from Season 3

The Season 3 battle pass includes Snoop Dogg, and there are also new skins for several operators, including two for Vladimir Makarov. There are both free and premium tiers of the pass, and Call of Duty’s extra-premium $30 BlackCell bundle also returns.

The season’s new weapons include:

  • FJX Horus submachine gun (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • MORS sniper rifle from Advanced Warfare (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • Gladiator melee weapon (Unlocked in the battle pass)
  • BAL-27 assault rifle from Advanced Warfare (Arriving with the midseason update)

In addition to Snoop Dogg, Season 3 has plenty of weed-themed content with Cheech and Chong operator bundles, a stoned sloth operator, a map that takes place at a growhouse, and the “Blazed up” and “High Trip” limited-time events.

Modern Warfare 3 is getting a total of six multiplayer maps:

  • Growhouse: a reskin of Vanguard’s Sphere (At launch)
  • 6 Star: a resort set on a skyscraper in Dubai (At launch)
  • Emergency: is themed around an Arizona medical facility (At launch)
  • Tanked: is an aquarium map based on Warzone’s Vondel POI (At launch)
  • Checkpoint: is a Rebirth Island POI (Arrive mid-season)
  • Grime: is a graffitied part of London (Arrive mid-season)

Season 3’s new multiplayer modes include the return of Capture the Flag, the popular One in the Chamber party mode, Escort, and a new mode variant called Minefield, which turns the map into a literal minefield.

There are also new multiplayer perks:

  • Gunslinger vest: takes away the primary weapon slot, but gives the player boosts to stamina, sprinting, and reloading.
  • Modular Assault Rig vest: is geared towards players who want a full supply of ammo, and the ability to scavenge lethal and tactical equipment from dead players.
  • Compression Carrier vest: provides assisted healing and gas protection.
  • Reinforced Boots: provides immunity to movement reduction effects.
  • High-Gain Antenna: zooms out the minimap and provides more intel.
Season 3 roadmap for MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

Zombies mode includes a new story mission, the third Dark Aether Rift quest, more schematics to unlock, and a new Warlord boss. Unfortunately, all of the Zombies content is scheduled for the mid-season update.

Season 3’s update for Warzone includes the return of Rebirth Island for Resurgence modes, featuring a new Champion’s Quest nuke challenge with unique rewards.

Two features return from Warzone 1:

  • Foresight provides the intel of knowing all future gas circles, including the end game circle. For Season 3, this will be a rare killstreak instead of a perk, but it works the same way as it did in Warzone 1.
  • Specialist gives players every perk available in Warzone.

Warzone also adds a “Bootcamp” mode for new players. This mode features 20 real players and 24 bots, and is only available to play in Quads.

Warzone Mobile recently launched on March 21, and the game shares progression and the battle pass with MW3 and the standard version of Warzone. Season 3 will add Warzone’s Plunder and Buy Back modes to the mobile version, and the Rust map arrives for Warzone Mobile’s small selection of multiplayer modes.

Here we explain how shared progression works in Warzone Mobile, including what content is shared between games.

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