Claim 15th Anniversary Creeper cape in 1 click – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG


Quick! Quick post about major news.

“The Minecon capes are still most valuable. Capes in general have b(e)en devalued.” – Xelanater

Claim the cape:

GO HERE AND SCROLL DOWN: Celebrate Minecraft’s 15th Anniversary with Sales & Giveaways | Minecraft

Wear the cape:

GO HERE AND SCROLL DOWN: Change your Skin | Minecraft

Other major news:

New anniversary trailer, combining live action and Minecraft (the Movie?!): Shape Your World – YouTube

The upcoming 1.21 Update Gets a name, the Tricky Trials update: MINECRAFT MONTHLY (

Crazy, free to download map celebrating 10 years of Java realms: Java multiplayer madness | Minecraft

15 days of celebration are ongoing with events like the above map. Follow the dates: 15th Anniversary

More info: Minecraft celebrates 15: First version released May 17, 2009 – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG


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