Celeste Developer’s Next Game Earthblade Has Been Delayed Out Of 2024


Extremely OK Games is the studio behind one of, if not the best, platformer to release in the last decade, Celeste. Since that release the team has been working on its next platformer, Earthblade.

Earthblade was originally revealed in 2021, and then again in 2022 with a trailer showing off more than a logo.

It’s be radio silence since then until Thursday, when studio director Maddy Thorson published a blog post on the studios website, confirming that Earthblade has been delayed, and will not release in 2024.

“I know, I know, this update is long overdue. We appreciate your patience as we try our best to make this video game that appears to be stubbornly determined to not get made,” Thorson began in the blog post.

“More on the process in the following paragraphs, but first we need to face the music: this game ain’t coming out in 2024. We had hoped to be announcing a firm release date around now, but it just isn’t in the cards.

We know that this will be disappointing for a lot of you and we’re sorry for that. Maybe this was predictable, but still it always sucks when the haters are right.”

Thorson continues in the post, speaking about the addition of a new team member, Kyle Pulver, which expands the EXOK team to 9 developers from its previous 8.

Pulver, for their part, is an indie developer who’s had a long relationship with Thorson and the EXOK team, and while Thorson clarifies that progress on Earthblade is still moving forward and isn’t stagnant, Thorson says Pulver’s “fresh eyes have inspired all of us to see things anew.”

We don’t get a new release window for Earthblade in the post, only the knowledge that things are moving forward as Thorson recovers from a “major transition-related surgery.”

Hopefully this update signifies that though we won’t see Earthblade hit digital shelves in 2024, it’ll be right around the corner in 2025.

Source – [Extremely OK Games]

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