Bungie Will Showcase Destiny 2: The Final Shape Next Week


Destiny 2’s highly-anticipated expansion, The Final Shape will be showcased next week by Bungie on April 9, 2024 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET / 5:30pm GMT.

Originally meant to release in February 2024, Bungie announced that The Final Shape would be delayed to June 4, 2024 last November.

On Tuesday, the long-running shooter studio took to Twitter to tell fans they’ll see more of The Final Shape in a week’s time, with what it is calling a “Developer Gameplay Preview.”

The Final Shape is arguably the single most important expansion Bungie will ever release within the Destiny franchise, between both the first game and the sequel.

It’s narrative will be the conclusion of the story that began all the way at the beginning of the original Destiny, something fans have been waiting to experience for years.

There’s also an arguably greater pressure around the release for everything that’s been happening at Bungie within the last two years.

Bungie has lost some of its veteran talent, it’s had bigger mass layoffs that seemingly came in part due to Bungie’s refusal to cut executive salaries.

It’s previous expansion, Lightfall also didn’t hit the way Bungie would’ve liked, and due to The Final Shape being delayed, there simply hasn’t been enough for dedicated players to do in the lead up to The Final Shape.

It all equals a disgruntled fan base, or at least one that’s more disgruntled than usual, to the point where Bungie acknowledged that it lost the trust of its players.

All this to say, there’s a lot riding on The Final Shape, and as we get closer to its release, it’ll be interesting to see how players react to next week’s showcase, and everything else we see ahead of launch.

Source – [Bungie]

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