Bungie teases that Destiny 2’s “Journey Continues” but fans aren’t quite sure what that means for Destiny 3


Bungie revealed a look at some upcoming Destiny 2 episodes today, but it also offered a very vague tease for the future of the series.

Destiny 2 received its latest expansion, The Final Shape, just last week, and to many it felt like a big ole send off to 10 years of Destiny. To that end, it also kind of felt like the end of Destiny in a way, though in a new video from Bungie earlier today titled “The Journey Ahead” Bungie offered a look at some of the upcoming content coming to the game. It was previously announced that following The Final Shape there would be three episodes, Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy, which each received a small look-in today. Echoes, the first of the three upcoming Year 10 Episodes, follow the first Echo players will come across, which landed on Nessus.

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This Echo has transformed the planet, and has caused the Vex to act strange. On the gameplay front, this episode is introducing a three player activity described as an “arena-style kind of offensive that we haven’t really done before.” Revenant, the second episode, will apparently be “very Fallen themed” with the video noting how they don’t have a home anymore. This one is very dark fantasy inspired, apparently about “slaying vampires with a touch of splicer mixed in.” You get to be a Slayer Baron, a “role reserved for the most renowned monster hunters.” Some concept art for armour was shown off too, and there’s one set that is so obviously inspired by Bloodborne, but I’m here for it personally.

Revenant will also have a new system called potion crafting, where you can make things like combat potions which boost your artefact directly, or loot potions, which “let you have agency over the rewards that you’re chasing.” For the last episode, Heresy, you’ll see the Hive Pantheon “dealing with some new interesting revelations that happen.” There’s some kind of “new eldritch force” that’s creating new mysteries, which will ultimately lead you back to the Dreadnaught.

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You can watch the full video above for more details on each new episode, but the thing that’s got Destiny fans scratching their heads is a new tease at the end of it. For Year 11, there’ll be something called Codename Frontiers, with Bungie saying that “The Journey Continues” in 2025.

It’s pretty unclear as to what this is, as the title Codename Frontiers was placed right next to the Destiny 2 logo, so it doesn’t appear to be related to the rumoured Destiny 3. Over on the game’s subreddit, one player notes that “Frontiers sounds like we are leaving the solar system,” which certainly sounds like a good bet, and is a sentiment expressed by others too. Another player commented that everything shown off “looks sick but simply confirming Year 11 and giving it a code name offers almost zero clarity on the future of the franchise beyond no [Destiny 3] in 2025.”

One user pointed out that this “puts the [Destiny 3] rumours to rest, for now at least,” though in response to that others expressed the belief that a sequel is still in the works. A report earlier this year did claim that Bungie is likely working on Destiny 3, but clearly the developer is happy to keep on with Destiny 2 for the time being. Plus, Bungie is busy enough as it is anyway, with the Marathon reboot and whatever Matter is still in the works.

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