Best Minecraft Forums to Advertise Servers


Do you want to advertise your Minecraft server, but don’t know where to start? We have picked the best forums where you can showcase your server and get more players on it.

What are Minecraft forums?

Minecraft forums are a community hub where players from around the world connect to share their Minecraft experiences and showcase creations, and servers. 

Players come together not only to exchange tips and tricks but also to create dedicated communities for helping newbies and expert players. 

Best Minecraft Forums to Advertise

Minecraft Forum Net

Minecraft Forum Net is the oldest forum to promote your server to other players. It currently has 1,3 million monthly searches monthly and is the largest active community, established in 2010. Minecraft Forum Net originates as a hub for helping newbies but can be seen as an advertising spot.

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is the largest community forum, where most Minecraft players clash to showcase their projects. Planet Minecraft receives 3 million monthly searches and is the best place to find players who want to join your server. Newer servers can easily list themselves on the site, and receive votes for quick ranking at trending servers.

Minecraft Forge Forum

Minecraft Forge Forum is a forge-dedicated forum but shares the same experience for any non-forge-related topics. For example, getting new ways to advertise, or even forum threads where you can place your server. The Forge forum receives an astonishing 30,000 searches monthly, making it a great place to exist digitally.

Minecraft-Forum Net

Minecraft-Forum Net 

Minecraft-Forum Net is a vibrant community where players come together to share their creative builds, redstone creations, and modding projects. The forum acts as a hub for Minecraft enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and seek advice from experienced players. While it only receives 1,000 searches per month, you can still list yourself, and get the best exposure.

MC Forums

MC Forums delves into broader conversations about game development trends and industry news related to Minecraft. From analyzing future updates to discussing potential features with Mojang developers, the forum serves as a platform for players to voice their opinions and shape the direction of the game.


When it comes to speedrunning, is the place for gamers to showcase their speedrunning skills. With only 100 monthly searches, the community could seem non-existent, but many players come through their social media, and could potentially form a great player base.


TrueAchievements is a platform for achievements in the gaming community, but is still a great forum for Minecraft enthusiasts and promoting server lists. While they receive 100 searches monthly, TrueAchievements is a widely known place for advertisement running, or promoting free.

Mc Bedrock

Mc Bedrock is a forum dedicated to the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, and everything related to it. If you have a Bedrock-dedicated server, you can freely advertise it to the 1000 monthly searchers, and gain free players hassle-free.

Reddit Official Minecraft

The official Minecraft Reddit is the perfect and most favorable place to get your Minecraft server filled with active players. It currently has over 300,000 monthly searches and 5 times more users. The subreddit is officially hosted and run by Mojang support staff, however, you can freely advertise to the most relevant community. If this subreddit isn’t for your taste, you can easily check our Reddit picks for advertising servers.

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