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Get ready to set sail, me hearties! I’m Desmond, Designer and Artist at The Gentlebros and today we’re revealing some of the new crewmates and nefarious villains that await you in the newest entry into the Cat Quest series – Cat Quest III coming to PS5 and PS4 on August 8.

In Cat Quest III, players will explore a treasure trove of picturesque islands and meet a bevy of meow-sterious characters as they set sail in pursuit of the legendary North Star. Some of these characters will assist your adventures and prove to be valuable crewmates for the journey ahead… while other devious Pi-rats and nefarious villains will try to ruin your day! Let’s meet some of the new characters you’ll meet on this seafaring adventure.

Your trusty spirit companion, Captain Cappey is with you every step of the way on your adventures. His main goal is to be the greatest pirate that ever lived, although he’s long past the ‘living’ stage. Whether sharing their wisdom or explaining the ins and outs of being a pirate, Captain Cappey is the purr-fect guide for you.

This furrmidable feline is Mama Milka, proud owner of The Milky Barrel tavern, serving cats across the land milk instead of rum. She’ll offer some guidance to kick off your adventure in search of the mythical North Star, giving the first clues to take on Captain Meowtallika. Additionally, turn in Mama Milka’s pirate (or pi-rat!) bounties to get stat-boosting jugs o’ milk – an essential beverage for any would-be privateers! These equippable trinkets boost a specific ability or stat, like the Pawer Milk which makes the player attack faster the more they attack! Players can equip as many of these trinkets as they want as long as they have spare customization slots in their gear.

Brother of series favourite Kit Cat, Kidd Cat is a mischievous kitten and the local blacksmith. Throughout your adventures you’ll find a boatload of gear to customize your feline friend, from hats and eye-patches to boots and swords! Upgrading your gear with coins found in the world around you makes you both stronger and more durable in a fight, so you can take on tougher challenges. Be sure to visit frequently and enhance your gear to make a pawesome loadout!

Avast! Two nefarious pirates who are out to spoil your day: Captain Meowtallika and Captain Takomeowki! Captain Meowtallika is the leader of the metalhead pirates, known for their heavy metal concerts. Captain Meowtallika was inspired by heavy metal musicians, so we wanted the boss fight to reflect this and staged it on a literal concert stage! During the fight, Meowtallika will play various riffs on his guitar which correspond to different attack patterns that the player has to dodge in time – it’s sure to be absolutely electrifying.

Captain Takomeowki is the captain of the Spicy Squids – the tentacoolest crew who refuse to bow down to the Pi-rat King. Takomeowki was inspired by some of our favorite Japanese foods! Also, a lot of the development team loves bullet-hell shooters, and since Takomeowki is a magic user, we wanted to really lean into this and have players dodge a constant barrage of his hot and spicy magic! These ferocious villains will try to curtail your search for the North Star – so watch out.

The most furrmidable pirate in all the land – none have challenged him and survived to tell the tale! The Pi-rat King has been cursed so he can never die, but also never heal, hence his design, being an amalgamation of stitches and spare parts – he seeks the answers to end his curse and will stop at nothing to find them.

But that’s not all in Cat Quest III: there are many, many other villainous foes that we haven’t shown yet. Players can also face off with a 10-storey tall Cthulhu monster, a Necromouser, a giant raging Boar and so many more.

Do you have what it takes to defeat these unstoppable fiends? There’s only one way to find out – Wishlist Cat Quest III for PS4 and PS5 now, ready for its release August 8.

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