Atlus and Vanillaware Possibly Considering Unicorn Overlord Sequel


Vanillaware’s tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord was a colossal hit in Japan and a major success internationally. The studio may already be considering a sequel, as publisher Atlus is gauging interest in a potential Unicorn Overlord 2.

Sega polling Unicorn Overlord fans about sequel

As Siliconera reported on Wednesday, Atlus is polling fans to see who might be interested in a Unicorn Overlord sequel. The poll is technically only for Asian fans, though the form has an option for players from “non-Asian” regions.

Among other things, the survey asks which version of the recently released Unicorn Overlord the respondent played and on which platform. It also asked if they have played Vanillaware titles like Dragon’s Crown or other games like Valkyria Chronicles. One of the final questions is how likely the player is to purchase a sequel.

Atlus published the RPG in Japan, while Sega published the game internationally. Neither company owns Vanillaware. Even if they did, a survey question doesn’t mean a sequel is happening or likely. However, it may be a sign that the studio is at least open to the possibility. The game’s successful launch and positive reception make that seem especially likely.

Prior to Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware was arguably best known for 2007’s Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown from 2013. However, while Dragon’s Crown drew inspiration from arcade beat ‘em ups, Vanillaware’s latest game is a 90s-style tactical JRPG. It still incorporates some elements from Dragon’s Crown and other Vanillaware games, like the side-scrolling RTS 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

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