Archetype Entertainment Reveals New Lore Details For Coming Sci-Fi RPG Exodus


Exodus is a coming sci-fi RPG from Archetype Entertainment, a studio founded and operated by a team of industry veterans who are attempting to build an RPG that deals with time dilation in a way that’s not been done before.

We still don’t know what that’ll directly look like exactly, but the studio’s co-founders James Ohlen and Chad Robertson have spoken at length on their commitment to focusing on how players choices impact the story and experience in Exodus.

Archetype has also gone out and grabbed Interstellar star Matthew McConaughey to play a role in the game, which will be his first video game related acting credit. That doesn’t mean anything regarding how the game will turn out, but something about nabbing the actor who starred in a movie heavily focused on time dilation just feels like the right move, for Exodus.

There’s a lot we don’t yet know about Exodus, but Archetype is putting in the work to make sure there’s new things to learn about the world, even if they aren’t directly showcasing gameplay. A new blog post on the official website for Exodus digs into the lore of the game that Archetype is building, focusing this time on humanity’s greatest threat in the Centauri Cluster, a race known as Celestials.

Celestials were humans at one point, the first to reach the Centauri Cluster once humanity began abandoning an Earth that had been pushed passed the point where it could sustain life. These humans no longer remember their origins, and as the blog puts it “have shed the last vestiges of their humanity and evolved into something unrecognizable and terrifying.”

The blog also reveals a new aspect to the lore, Silicates, an organism that appears only to be a gem with no real significance. For humans however, Silicate’s are a chance at fighting back against the Celestials, since Silicate’s bond with human hosts to permanently change them in ways that make them stronger in numerous ways, and shapes them into something new called a Daemon.

Looking at how the blog describes these Silicates, it very much seems like your player character will be able to bond with these creatures and become a Daemon, with the new strength granted appearing as different gameplay mechanics.

That’s just a bit of speculation, but blogs like this feel primed for teasing gameplay mechanics to come. Hopefully we can begin to see more concrete footage of Exodus to get a better hold of what this game will play like.

Source – [Archetype Entertainment]

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