A Bug Is Stopping Digital-Version Players Of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth On PS5 From Getting The Platinum Trophy


Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth players who purchased and are playing the digital version of the game are currently unable to get the Platinum trophy on PS5, due to a bug that, until it’s fixed, locks players from earning one trophy.

The trophy in question is the one earned by getting the highest score on the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop side-quest. Spotted by Kotaku, multiple players are reporting having hit this bug, where the game doesn’t recognize your score, no matter what you actually finish with.

It arrived with the game’s most recent patch on March 20, 2024, and if you’ve updated your game since then, you’re currently out of luck for getting the Platinum until Square Enix pushed out a patch.

Those who are playing on a physical disc however, have a workaround open to them. Uninstalling the game, taking your console offline and then re-installing the launch version with a save loaded prior to the bug allows you to earn it without issue.

Hopefully a patch is issued soon, though at the time of writing there’s not been word from Square Enix on the bug, if the team is aware and if they’re working on it.

Source – [Kotaku]

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